Where to buy Almond Butter in Singapore

The Finishing Touch to an Amazing Açaí Bowl

by Kevin Seow YF, Certified Practitioner in Diet and Nutrition and Raw Food

One of our favourite finishing touch to a bowl of healthy and delicious Açaí bowl is a spoon of creamy almond butter (great for Keto Açaí Bowl too) and our friends and customers often ask us for recommendations on where to buy good quality all natural almond butter in Singapore, how to make almond butter at home and where to buy almond butter online etc so we thought to share with you some of our favourite local almond butter and nut butter brands here in Singapore and also included an easy homemade almond butter recipe too if you have the time and want to try make some yourself.

Yes, you can find almond butter in NTUC and Cold Storage etc but rather than buying imported brands far away from us geographically made in bulk commercially, why not buy from local brands who use high quality ingredients, make them in small batches so you get better, fresher almond butter and it’s great to support local brands and community too #supportlocal

Keto Açaí Bowl blended with Poppy & Co. Organic Açaí Berry pulp and avocado, topped with a mixture of healthy nuts and seeds, finished with a spoonful of creamy almond butter

Keto Açaí Bowl blended with Poppy & Co. Organic Açaí Berry pulp and avocado, topped with a mixture of healthy nuts and seeds, finished with a spoonful of creamy almond butter

Nuts about Butter

Image source: Nuts about Butter

Image source: Nuts about Butter

Nuts about Butter is founded by Kareen Lai, of Mums In Sync (2013) – an organisation which runs fitness and nutrition programmes to empower mummies with adequate knowledge to get into tiptop shape and rock the world with renewed confidence.

Motivated by her quest to inspire others to eat better, she co-founded Nuts About Butter with a team of passionate food enthusiasts who are advocates of clean eating. Nuts About Butter's mission is to get you started on eating better, by simply starting with something as simple such as your daily spreads. Switching your daily spreads to a wholesome nut butter spread is a simple change that leads to an easy win. At Nuts About Butter, they believe in nourishing your body & soul from inside out with a simple homemade nut butter spread.

Nuts about Butter has a good range of almond butter blends like almond macadamia, almond cashew, almond sesame and our favourite has to be almond black sesame (great for men and women if you want to have thick luscious hair!)

Where to buy




Image source: Hunters’ Kitchenette

Image source: Hunters’ Kitchenette

Hunters’ Kitchenette® is one of the first local nut butter brand around and the first we bought and tried and that’s when we realised it’s a perfect drizzle to go with the Açaí!

Founder Herbert Salim created The Hunters’ Kitchenette® for his wife Natalia as an extension of their daily life. The couple enjoys making delicious, healthy nut butters together for their family of two small children.

The Salim family lives strongly by the adage that “if you can’t recognise an ingredient, your body can’t either.” They are passionate about making good food choices and stick by their beliefs. Rather than buying off-the-shelf spreads that are highly processed and loaded with sugar and vegetable oils, Herbert makes his own.

And so The Hunters’ Kitchenette® is born, with a mission to promote clean eating and primal living. The name is a play on the Hunter Gatherer lifestyle the family is on, which has become their way of thinking when making decisions about food. The brand’s mantra is for everyone to take full control of their health with the right information and apply that to daily life.

Family and friends love the nut butters, and encourage them to share the delectable spreads with the public. Very soon they are selling at farmers’ markets and officially launch The Hunters’ Kitchenette® in January 2014.

Hunters’ Kitchenette® has a good variety of nut butter apart from almonds like cashew, hazelnut, macadamia and pistachio.

Where to buy




Image Source: Renew

Image Source: Renew

Renew is a local artisan natural gourmet snacks producer where their snacks are handcrafted in their SNACKS GARAGES in Singapore.

Their goal is to create an awareness of nature’s goodness by letting snack lovers customise their preferences with curated ingredients. They believe this will provide better snacking choices that is good for health and the environment.

Apart from almond butter, they also have a variety with rosemary, other nut butters like pistachio nut butters with lavender and cashew nut butters with coffee beans.

Where to buy


Bud of Joy

Image Source: Bud of Joy

Image Source: Bud of Joy


Bud of Joy is a simple, down-to-earth bakery providing healthy baked goods to all who want to eat nutritiously.

They have been eating organic food for many years and they find it good for them. They also have friends who eat organic food but find themselves hard-pressed for time to bake in the midst of their busy work schedules.

So they open this bakery to provide for themselves, for their friends, and also for anyone who wants to eat organic food. They create healthy, tasty products through artisan methods, based on experimenting with wholesome ingredients without the nasty artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, bread improvers, corn syrup and trans fat.

Our friend recommended them to us and we bought their bread before and it’s reaaally fresh and good!

Where to buy


Store: 71 Circuit Road #01-31 Singapore 370071 Contact No: 67487687

How to Make Almond Butter at Home


If you have a bit of time and want to make your own Almond butter, here’s how you can do it:


  • Raw Almonds

You can get raw almonds at a good price (approx $18/kg) from Teck Sang or Phoon Huat. Teck Sang was first introduced to us by a friend and we personally find the nuts at Teck Sang really good and fresh. Apart from almonds, they have a good range of other nuts like cashew, macadamia, hazelnuts, pine nuts, brazil nuts (our favourite) and even pili nuts. Some of the nuts comes in roasted version as well as in other flavours.


11 Hongkong St, Singapore 059654


Multiple outlets across Singapore

  • Good quality salt

We like using pink Himalayan salt. It’s less salty than other varieties so you might need to add a bit more but it adds some good minerals to your almond butter too.


  • A good blender who can handle heavy blending and heat like Thermomix, Vitamix or Blendtec

  • Oven


  • Preheat oven to 180°c

  • Bake your almonds for 15 mins in 180°c

  • Let the nuts cool down slightly for about 15 mins

  • Put them into your blender and start blending till smooth

  • When it starts becoming more butter and liquid like, put in your 2-3 tsp of salt (depending on the salt you use, the amount varies) and blend for another 1 min to ensure the salt is evenly distributed into the almond butter

  • Store in a container and keep in room temperature and enjoy it on your Açaí bowl, as a spread or even on its own!