We bring you fresh, premium quality, organic Açaí berry wild harvested straight from the Amazon forest

One of the highest antioxidant superfruit in the world perfect for your healthy and delicious Açaí breakfast bowl, smoothie and juice

Organic | GMO-free | Dairy-free |Gluten-free | Vegan-friendly

Free from preservatives, stabilizers, additives, sweeteners, allergens, emulsifiers



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Our Products

Organic Pasteurised Acai Berry Pulp.jpg

Organic Pasteurised Açaí Berry Pulp (frozen)

Organic Acai Berry Powder.jpg

Organic Açaí Berry Powder (room temperature)

Organic Raw Acai Berry Pulp.jpg

Organic Raw Açaí Berry Pulp (frozen)

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Açaí Berry Sorbet (frozen)

Vegan Food Service Solutions 

If you are an F&B Business looking to include Açaí into your menu, have a look at our range of wholesale vegan foodservice solutions for you to excite your customers

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If you love to have our products in your country, drop us a message here and we’ll love to share with you more

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Hands-on fun bonding with your colleagues making Açaí bowls, learning about self-care and lots of laughter and wefies

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The name Gratefood sprouted from our thoughts of "Grateful for Great Food” (Grateful and Great Food sounds alike too haha)where we are grateful for food which nourishes our body to health, happiness and plays an important role in improving our environment and community.

We want to minimize our business footprints to provide nutritious, plant-based food, be a great resource to quick, wholesome and delicious recipes, and be grateful though our actions to our partners and customers.

Food is life, why not enjoy life with Gratefulness, Love and Fun along the journey
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