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The name Gratefood sprouted from our thoughts of “gratefulness” and “great food” where we are grateful for plant-based food which is kinder to our environment and nourishes us to health and happiness.

We want to be advocates of small changes where we can collectively bring about meaningful improvements to better health, happiness, and the environment just by changing one of your meals a day.

✧ Plant-based food which nourishes you to health and happiness and kinder to our environment

✧ Plant-based retail & cafe

We are #gratefulforgreatfood

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gratefood açaí source

At Gratefood Co, we go straight to the source, the amazing Amazon forest in Brazil, one of the most bio-diverse place on earth.

We work with the local community to bring you the freshest, premium quality, organic Açaí berry wild harvested straight from the Amazon forest.

Açaí berries are one of the highest antioxidant superfruit, rich in healthy essential fatty acid & dietry fibre and contains Vitamins A and C, protein and many other essential minerals unique to the amazonian soil.

90% of the Açaí berry is its seed which is inedible and has no nutritional value. All the goodness lies within its 10% skin with all the antioxidant, healthy essential fatty acids, fibre and other nutrients.

Left: ~90% seed and only ~10% skin per Açaí berry

Right: Açaí berries

However, Açaí berries are not seen out of the Amazon forest as it is highly perishable upon picking and they will dry and ferment within days. 

Left: Freshly picked Açaí berries

Right: Fermented Açaí berries after 3 days

Pure Unsweetened Frozen Organic Pulp is the purest and healthiest form to consume Açaí as pure Açaí contains zero sugar as a fruit and is rich in antioxidant, healthy essential fatty acids, fibre and the other nutrients and minerals unique to the amazonian soil.


Our pilot project “Gratefood Green Footsteps” started on 1 November 2021. Read more to know what we do, as a business, to help reuse, reduce and recycle things.

To reduce the production of more cooler bags that might end up in storeroom or the bin, you can also opt for bag-free delivery. Our frozen products are transported in a frozen cooler box or truck, picked upon reaching your home and straight to your freezer.

Since the launched of our e-commerce store, we have been using this bag to house your order for deliveries. We are heartened to know that we have many returning customers and with each returning order, comes a new cooler bag that has been used for merely an hour, or two at most.

A simple question from a customer asking if we accept those almost mint bag to re-use sparked our team to explore this possibility. If there’s someone out there who is concerned about this, there would be others who think likewise!

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