Organic Açaí Berry Recipes

The organic frozen Açaí pulp is easily consumed daily as a healthy and delicious Açaí bowl, juice and smoothie

  • High level of antioxidant :: Boost your immune system, neutralize free radicals (the bad guys from food, stress and environment) that damage your cells to cause to cause reduction in energy and performance, ageing, critical illnesses, and cancer

  • High level of essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9) and proteins :: Great for boosting your energy, strength and recovery from workout

  • Low GI (Glycemic Index) :: Increases your metabolism, aids weight control, diabetics and keto friendly

  • Rich in dietary fibre :: Great for your digestion and bowel system (After consuming it for 1-2 weeks, you will notice an increase in the times you clear your bowels and a much smoother bowel experience)

  • Over 50 essential minerals unique to the Amazonia soil: eg iron, copper, zinc, electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, phosphate) etc

Gratefood Acai Bowls-1a.jpg

Açaí Breakfast Bowl

Time: < 5 mins

The perfect breakfast to start the day filled with antioxidant, healthy essential fatty acids (Omegas, Dietary Fibre, Vitamins A & C, Protein and many other essential minerals unique to the Amazonian soil!

Gratefood Acai Bowls-5.jpg

Keto Fat Bomb Açaí Bowl

Time: < 5 mins

Name one fruit high in healthy fats? Avocado comes to mind naturally and most people are not aware Açaí is a fat bomb on its own with about as much healthy essential fatty acids as Avocado, filled with antioxidant, dietary fibre, other vitamins and nutrients and with zero sugar!

It makes a perfect Keto/OMAD meal for anyone who rather be have more clean, plant-based food instead of going heavy on animal fats and proteins eg fried bacons and pork lards…

Acai Parfait.jpg

Açaí Yogurt Parfait

Time: 3 mins max

It’s almost literally a drop in, mix and enjoy perfect for working professionals who don’t even have 5 mins (or no blender at home) to make an Açaí bowl to still enjoy a healthy and delicious Açaí yogurt meal in the morning!

Acai Milkshake.jpg

Açaí Milkshake

Time: 3 mins max

Blended with a choice of non-dairy or dairy milk, this açaí milkshake is a quick and easy recipe that will give you a unique taste of purple goodness! 

Acai Juice:Smoothie.jpg

Açaí Fruit Juice

Refreshing Fruit Juice with added Açaí goodness, it is sure to give you an extra boost!

Acai Avocado Chia Seeds Parfait.jpg

Avocado Açaí Chia Parfait

Layer a beautiful blend of avocado with raw honey and açaí right above the soaked chia pudding and enjoy them directly from your cup! 

Acai New Packs with Bowl.jpg

Açaí Granola

A great snack to go with added açaí goodness and nutritions! Add it to your açaí bowl for extra crunch or just much it on its own as a snack! 

Acai Cake3.jpg

Açaí Cheesecake

Delectable Vegan Cheesecake combined together with açaí to add nutritional value! Made with nuts, dates and fruits, it's surely a healthier option and non-sinful cheesecake!


Striped Coconut & Açaí Popsicles

Make your own refreshing and cooling ice popsicles in this warm weather! Definitely mouth-watering and tasty! 



Savoury Açaí Sauces

Make your own dipping or salad sauce and pair it with your favourite greens and sides! 



Açaí Breakfast Muffins

A simple twist to your normal blueberry muffins with added açaí goodness and chia seeds for extra crunch and benefits! 

Acai juice 2.jpg

Açaí Isotonic Drink

Do you know most commercial isotonic drinks are laden with sugar and unless you did a really intense workout, otherwise you likely put back more calories than what you tried burning for your workout.

A one min easy recipe to make your own all natural sugar free isotonic drink to replenish your fluid, essential electrolytes and boost your post workout recovery with Acai’s intense antioxidant!