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1. What is Açaí good for?

Acai is naturally high in anti-oxidant and contains essential fatty acids, a rare possession in the berry family.

2. What is the difference between your Raw and Pasteurized Acai Pulps?

Pasteurization is a common food safety procedure for most foods and it uses flash heat to remove any thermo-sensitive bacteria, so we recommend it for young children above the age of 2, expectant mothers and seniors. The argument against pasteurization is that the process might remove a bit of micronutrients (Food labels only required to indicate/test for general NI) along the process. Whereas Raw is how the Brazilians in the Amazon forest have been consuming their Açaí for decades. Recommended for raw vegans, health and fitness-conscious adults who wish to reap the raw power of the Acai, and anyone who prefers to use raw ingredients.

3.How long can the acai pulp be kept for?

It should be kept frozen until its date of expiry on the packaging. Should you thaw it, please consume within 24 hours.

1.How do I store the acai pulps?

Please store it in the freezer until ready to use.

2. How do I blend the unsweetened acai pulps?

Run the frozen pack under water for 5-10s to remove the frost. Crack the acai into smaller pieces within the pack. Using a knife, cut the acai pack in the centre and push the acai pulps through the opening and into the blender. Add in other fruits and liquids that you’d like

3. Do I need to defrost the acai pulp before blending?

It depends on how you want the texture to be i.e juice, smoothie drink or smoothie bowl. If you’d like it to be thicker, blend it frozen with other frozen fruits. If you’d like to drink it, melt it down and blend with fruits/yoghurt/milk etc.

4.Is 1 packet (100g) of the Organic Frozen Acai Pulp (Pasteurised) sufficient for 1 portion?

Yes it is.

5.Are all your products Vegan?

Yes, we are a plant based company.

6.Are all your products Halal Certified?

Most of our products are halal certified. To be sure, do refer to the packaging for the halal logo.

7.Are there any preservatives?

None of our products contain preservatives.

1. How much is delivery?

Delivery is free with purchase of $80 and above. Otherwise, we charge a fee of $15.

1.Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products here

2. Is there self collection?

Yes, you may opt for self collection at 39 Woodlands Close, Mega Warehouse, #08 -54, Singapore 737856 Collection Time: 10am – 3pm, Monday - Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)

3. My collection mode changed to self collection during checkout, how do i arrange for home delivery instead?

Contact us via email at [][0] or our contact form with your order number. Delivery conditions apply

4. What if I am not at home during the delivery of my goods?

A redelivery fee of $15 will be incurred if you are not at home during delivery hours.

5. What is our Return and Refund Policy?

Please freeze the food items immediately upon receipt. After the items have been delivered, no returns or no exchanges are allowed. Refunds will only be made when there are missing food items, or if an item runs out of stock. Kindly send us a picture proof as well as your order details to our email: for assistance.

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