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What is Adaptogen

What is Adaptogen?

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“Adaptogens” are herbal agents that helps our body to counteract the effects of stress. Various factors such as school, work, or even environmental and physical stressors we face in our daily lives can be harmful to the body. Adaptogens have properties that keep these harmful effects at bay. Typically, people have been using caffeine from coffee or even soda for the same uplifting effect when they face tiredness. However, these methods may cause them to end up with an energy crash as energy levels are spiked and dipped very quickly. Adaptogens are herbs which have been used for over a thousand years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for preventive approaches, or to support one’s energy and better handling of stress. They were even studied and used during World War II to keep pilots healthy so they can fly better over longer periods of time.

Adaptogen Trend

According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), in 2020, the global market value of adaptogens is projected to reach US$10.3 Billion and expected to reach US$23.4 Billion by 2030 with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of around 6.8 percent. This is due to the increasing demand for healthy food and beverage which drives the adaptogen market.

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Why is Adaptogen Good for you? In general, adaptogens have an anti-fatigue effect which helps to improve mental exhaustion and boost one’s ability to stay focused. These herbs regulate the release of stress hormones in your body which provides a fast way to improve your mood. Adaptogens also helps to tackle health issues such as improving blood sugar level, regulate hormone imbalance, improve your cholesterol ratios as well as improving digestions. They work with our Neuroendocrine system and they can support our immune system, our mood, digestive system and our energy. Adaptogen offers many benefits such as promoting growth. They are rich in anti-oxidants which helps to enhance one’s immunity. Adaptogen also helps to protect you from flu, enhance your mental clarity and also work as antidepressants. Adaptogens are also used in sports nutrition products due to its health benefits as it helps to treat or prevent chronic diseases like heart and respiratory diseases. Fitness enthusiast as well as athletes also include adaptogens into their diet as it helps to boost immunity during extreme physical activities and helps to reduce stress. It is a major supplement consumed by sportsperson. What are the Adaptogens in Gratefood

Reishi Reishi is present in our Acai Chocolate Reishi Sorbet. Reishi Mushroom improves immune system and reduces stress. It helps to calm the mind, relieve dizziness, insomnia and anxiety. It also helps to reduce redness, fine lines and wrinkles

Maca Maca is present in our Strawberry Chamomile Maca Gelato in Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co at The Paragon Maca contains flavanoids which improves mood. It helps to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes, treat depression and boost immunity. It also helps to reduce the negative effects of stress

Chaga Chaga is present in our adaptogen coffee in Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co at The Paragon. It lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Turmeric Turmeric is present in Speculoos Turmeric Gelato in Porcelain Cafe by Gratefood Co at The Paragon. Turmeric helps to maintain healthy levels of body weight, blood glucose, cholesterol, corticosterone, memory. It also helps to boost brain function and reduce depression.


Once we discover what is adaptogen, we are able to use it to help us to adapt to stress and has variety of health benefits that comes with it. Let us all take good care of ourselves and enjoy a superfood diet with adaptogens in it!

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