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A Note from our Founder

We really hope you will enjoy the benefits from our Supprrrfood Originals series and share them with your friends, family, and followers. We know you have the passion to create an impact for the community that you're involved in hence, we have provided some information about our products below for your reference and hope these plant-based goodies can eventually be seeded into people's diet in the quest for a healthier body.

We have created a special promotion code with your Instagram handle for 10% off all purchases and a free pack of Gratefood Co.'s Organic Raw Unsweetened Açaí (with a spend of $40) . Do spread the good word by tagging us at @gratefoodco and/or @gratefoodcafe on Instagram, and if you'd like, do share the promotion code so people can be motivated to kickstart their healthy journey with your influence.



supprrrfood originals

Gratefood Supprrrfood Originals is our range of pure, original plant-based ingredient products free from all forms of artificial additives and nasties such as sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and additives.

Convenient and nutritious, a great way to introduce a healthy dessert to your kids!

These are currently available on, amazon prime, shopee, and selected organic shops. Organic Açaí

Gratefood Co.'s açaí are wild harvested in the Northern region of Brazil in the state of Para, town of Belem. There, we purchase the berries from the indigenious tribes known as the Ribeneros. Apart from fishing and growing of vegetative crops, harvesting of açaí during August to November is one of their main streams of income. These are done working with the local co-ops which link us up with the açaí production plants located within the same town where the açaí are sent to for washing, de-pulping and freezing for shipment to Singapore within 48 hours of harvesting as açaí is highly perishable.


Organic Pasteurised Unsweetened Açaí

Gratefood Co.'s Organic Pasteurised Unsweetened Açaí is flash pasteurized at 80 degrees celsius for less than a minute to remove thermosensitive bacteria for enhanced food safety for young children, elderly, and expecting mothers. During this process, there will also be a loss of micronutrients that are heat sensitive.

Organic RAW unsweetened açaí berry pulp

Organic Raw Unsweetened Açaí is suitable for adults who would like to reap the full benefits of the açaí as the locals consume. We recommend this to any healthy adults especially if you are a raw food advocate.


Organic Açaí Sweetened with Guarana

Organic Açaí Sweetened with Guarana contains caffeine and hence is an aided energy booster when used in your smoothie blends. The caffeine comes from the guarana fruit which looks like a fresh coffee bean. When blended with organic cane sugar, Guarana syrup produces a unique sweetness which is commonly paired with açaí.

Gratefood Co. Organic Acerola

Gratefood Co.s acerola fruit are purchased from owners who manage their land using organic agro forestry methodology. Landowners (usually the natives) practise intercropping of a variety of plants and introduce livestock to the land, maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the area and the soil. It is a better way of farming as opposed to monocropping where farmers only manage one type of crop for maximum profitability. This in a long run, causes soil degradation and eventually deforestation as forests are cleared to grow single crops and might also cause displacements of the natives.

Acerola is a cherry native to the South America continent and has an exorbitant amount of Vitamin C.


Several articles reported it to have 30 - 90 times that of orange of an equivalent weight. When ripened, it looks like the cherry we have at our supermarket, only in red. However, we harvest the cherries when they are slightly immature when it is green as it has the highest concentration of Vitamin C, which is reduced as the cherry ripens. Same with the açaí, it is highly perishable and only consumable for 2-3 days after harvest hence we wash and de-pulp and freeze the fruit within 48 hours of harvesting.


Fresh Frozen Spirulina

Gratefood Co. sources our fresh frozen spirulina from Thailand. It is grown from a mother culture and seeded into a bioreactor where clean filtered water and nutrients are added into it for its growth. The farm sits in a forest with clean unpolluted air. The spirulina is harvested after 10 days of inception when it has reached its optimum nutrient level, naturally containing minerals such as potassium and magnesium and has a noticeable amount of Vitamin A. Excess moisture is then removed to form a thick concentrated paste which is frozen with no additional heat or drying treatment. This ensures no further loss in nutrients from the seaweed.

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