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Secrets behind acai bowl art

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

You've probably seen those beautifully decorated smoothie bowls with fancy patterns and wondered how they were made? Most people feast first with their eyes, and acai bowls possess that irresistible charm when transformed into captivating forms of artistic expression. (Where's the fun in a plain old acai bowl anyway?)

Read on to find out how you can achieve those Insta-worthy results, the answer might be easier than you think.


To start off, get your hands on some coconut yoghurt and mix in any organic powder of choice depending on the colour you desire. Here is a list of wellness-friendly ingredients we recommend:

💛 Yellow - Turmeric

🖤 Black - Activated Coconut Charcoal (No need for coconut yoghurt)

💗 Pink - Pink Pitaya powder

💜 Purple - Butterfly Pea Flower powder

🍑 Peach - Goji powder

💙 Blue - Blue Spirulina

💚 Green - Green spirulina or Blue Spirulina & turmeric

💛 Yellow - Turmeric

❤️ Red - Beetroot powder

Adjust the colour hue by experimenting with different amounts of powder!

1. Geometric style

This is for those who appreciate symmetry in their designs, the end result is so gratifying; it's worth every second spent on it.

Pipe the yogurt in straight lines, squares, triangles, or any other desired shape and add in different layers of colour mixtures like a rainbow. Use a toothpick to drag the mixture downwards to create an arrow shape and make as many arrows as you want to add further details. For a floral design, draw two circles, one small and a bigger one surrounding it. Then, pull your toothpick upwards and downwards consecutively on the sides to make its petal shape.

You can even try this on a smaller scale like acai parfaits and smoothies!

2. Dots

As simple as just using a piping bag or squeeze bottle to insert a few drops onto your acai bowl can help provide more depth in your background when complemented with main ingredients like fruits and granolas. The most effortless design and only require a few seconds to instantly upgrade your acai bowl look.

3. Milky way

To achieve this, add in an assortment of colour mixes in an uncoordinated manner. Ensure there is space between the colours and use a toothpick to pull the colours in random directions. Just like splattering paint on a bare canvas, you’ll get to channel your inner Jackson Pollock but with the added bonus of getting to eat your creation. It's an exceptional fusion that offers both the pleasure of artistic expression and the satisfaction of enjoying your edible masterpiece. We suggest using a thin layer of activated charcoal mixed with coconut yoghurt on top of your acai bowl to make bright colours stand out more.

4. Spiderman

With a trusty piping bag, any design you can imagine is possible. Here's how we made everyone's friendly neighbourhood spiderman!

Acai bowls are not just for adults but for kids as well, choose these tasty, kids-friendly acai bowls inspired by cartoons to get your little ones or even adults indulging on fruit and veggies in a more enjoyable way. In this video, we mixed cocoa powder with coconut yogurt for the webs and plain yogurt for the eyes. Browse our TikTok page for more inspiration and tutorials on decorating your acai bowls.

5. Swirls

You'll be surprised at the variety of patterns you can create with just a toothpick, pull the colours through each other for fun tie-dye designs like the swirls created here. The more colours, the better🌈

Gratefood art gallery🖼️🧑‍🎨

Here's some of our works of art on Instagram, easy to do at the comfort of your kitchen. Besides acai, we also use different bases like Spirulina or acerola and combined it with coloured organic coconut yoghurt.


There's no right or wrong when it comes to exercising your creative freedom in the form of acai bowl art! The goal is to have fun and let your creativity flow. You can experiment with different colours, patterns, and toppings to make each creation unique and visually stunning. If you’ve tried your hands on acai art, remember to tag us at #gratefoodco - we’ll be excited to see what amazing designs you can come up with.

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