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Top 10 Ingredients To Add To Your Acai Bowl

Although acai itself has a mild taste of blueberries and chocolate, most people like to pair their acai bowls with a variety of different toppings to “spice things up”. Our phones eat before us, and these toppings not only add flavour but also colour and texture. From gooey almond butter to crunchy granola, here are Gratefood Co’s top 10 acai bowl toppings In no particular order


Fruit platter

Almost all fruits pair well with acai. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries and bananas add a little bit of natural sweetness, or choose something like pineapples or for a kick of sourness and acidity. Mangoes are also a fantastic choice if you want to add some colours to your bowl Here is a (not exhaustive) list of fruits you can use

  • Apples

  • Kiwis

  • Dragonfruit

  • Passionfruit

  • Avocados

  • Pomegranates

  • Coconut shavings

  • Grapes

  • Peaches

  • Cherries

Dried fruits such as goji berries, mulberry, raisins, dates, prunes and figs are also a great addition. And the list goes on and on ! Be it dried or fresh, the possibilities are endless with this one 2. GRANOLA

Granola not only tastes good, but also adds a crunchy texture to your smooth and creamy acai bowl. It usually contains ingredients such as rolled oats, almonds, honey or other sweeteners like brown sugar, and sometimes, puffed rice. It is typically baked till crisp, toasted, and golden brown. Depending on the brand, Granola can provide protein and important micronutrients like iron, vitamin D, folate, and zinc. Plus, the added nuts, seeds, and dried fruits give you a great source of fiber.


nut butters for acai bowl

A staple in all acai bowls, nut butters add a lot more flavour to your acai bowls. They also pair well with the other toppings mentioned so far, and there are a few you can choose to add to your bowl!

  • Almond nut butter

The most common in retail stores, almond butter is made of, you guessed it, almonds blended till smooth, sometimes with a pinch of salt and splash of oil. One of the healthier options, if you love a nutty flavour, you are sure to love this with your acai bowl

  • Peanut butter

Since it is found in most supermarkets, peanut butter is the most accessible and a slightly cheaper option. Adding peanut butter makes your acai bowl the perfect breakfast bowl. The real question is … are you team crunchy or team smooth?

  • Cookie butter

To satisfy all the sweet tooths out there (myself included), add a drizzle of cookie butter to your acai bowl! Not only does it taste good, it also makes your acai bowl extremely aesthetically pleasing, so that it is always #instagrammable (don’t forget to tag us! @gratefoodco ) *Heres a tip! Melt your nut butters in the microwave for ~ 30 secs for an easier and more even drizzle


For a healthier option, replace your chocolate with cacao nibs! The same rich chocolatey taste without the extra sugar and are also a good source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Cacao nibs taste nuttier, richer, earthier, and often are much more bitter than dark chocolate.


Yogurt is a great option not only as a topping, but also as a base! Blend your acai pulps with some greek yogurt for a lighter purple colour, and top it off with a bit more for an extra creamy acai bowl. We recommend using plain greek yogurt, as it is lower in sugar while still maintaining the high dosage of probiotic. It is also creamier and higher in protein, making it the superior yogurt. The taste of yogurt may not be appealing to all, but fret not! The taste is masked by acai so you can get all the benefits without the taste. Choose yogurt made from coconut and oat (such as Chobani) if you follow a vegan diet!



Top off your delicious artisan acai bowl with these syrups for some sweetness or blend it in with your frozen acai pulps! If you prefer your acai pulps sweet, save yourself the trouble of blending it in and get our acai sweetened with guarana here!


Did you know that regularly eating walnuts may improve brain health and reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer? And thats just walnuts! Almonds have calcium and phosphorus, which improve bone health and can protect you from fractures. Cashews on the other hand are rich in the mineral magnesium, which is thought to improve recall and delay age-related memory loss Add these to keep your acai bowl vegan friendly !


chia seed pudding for acai bowl

Dry chia seeds are combined with milk or a non-dairy milk, such as cashew milk or almond milk, to create the creamy dish known as chia seed pudding. The texture is comparable to oatmeal as a result of the chia seeds absorbing the milk and creating a gel-like coating. A delicious and really simple way to include healthy fats in your diet. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy lipids that support joint and heart health as well as memory. A recommended dosage is 20 grams (or about 1.5 tablespoons) of chia seeds twice per day. The golden ratio is 1 is to 7, meaning 70g of liquid to 10g of chia seeds.


coconut water for acai bowl

We often get asked how one prepares an acai bowl with frozen acai pulps. One way is to blend it coconut water! Coconut water is filled with electrolytes, and a natural beverage that keeps you hydrated and refreshed after a workout, aids your heart and controls your blood sugar. To get that creamy texture, blend your acai pulps with coconut water AND either bananas or avocados. Blending acai with just coconut water will result in an icy texture. *Here’s a tip! Get a fresh coconut and blend the juice with your acai pulps, scrap out its meaty flesh and use it as a topping! Or, keep the flesh and chop off the top of the coconut and use it as a bowl!


leafy greens for acai bowl

If it's good enough for Popeye it's good enough for me! Blending in spinach (or any other leafy greens) to your acai pulps is a perfect way to hide veggies, especially for picky eaters. The taste of vegetables will be covered up but the nutrients will all still be there, a foolproof way of getting your kids to eat their daily dose of vegetables. Plus, new research from Linköping University in Sweden showed that the best approach for us to absorb lutein from spinach is to eat it in the form of a smoothie or juice along with some fat (psssstt acai naturally contains healthy fats).


Here you got it, the top 10 ingredients to add to your acai bowl. Acai goes great with almost any topping of your choice. Be it sweet or savoury, the combination of toppings are endless. Just remember to always eat everything in moderation. Gratefood Co recommends switching it up here and there with our Acerola Cherry pulps, packed with vitamin C and Spirulina, the best protein. Purchase all the pulps mentioned here!

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