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Keto Fruits and What fruits are Keto-Friendly?

What is Keto?

keto diet, fried egg, blueberries and avocado on plate

It is a low carb, high fat diet which usually consists of 75% fats, 20 % protein, 5 % carbs.

The Keto Diet brings many health benefits, for example, reducing the chances of cancer, help in diabetics cases, losing weight efficiently, improving of health immune system. How it works is that the Keto Diet requires a reduction of carbohydrate intake and a replacement of fat instead. Allowing your body to undergo a series of metabolic state called ketosis, where fat is being burned to provide you with the energy needed throughout the day. Generally, when one is on the Keto Diet, the daily intake for carbs is 50 grams, and ideally below 20 grams hence high carbohydrates foods, especially processed foods like pasta, rice, sugary desserts, soda, bread are a big NO.

There’s lots of information on the Keto Diet, Diet Doc is a good resource is you want to learn much more about Keto.

However because carbs are to be avoided, some people on the keto diet tend to totally avoid fruits as most fruits especially your sweet ones can be high in Fructose (natural fruit sugar) hence it will be above the carbs limit however not all fruits are foes of Keto and here’s a list of fruits that will serve well within your Keto limits plus provide you with a good dose of vitamins and nutrients.

What fruits are keto-friendly?

Watermelons Hydrating while being rich in Vitamin C and contains antioxidant lycopene. Estimations: 1 cup is around 11 net carbohydrates.

Strawberries Helps to lower your blood pressure while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. Estimations: 1/4 cup of strawberries is around 2 grams of net carbohydrates.

Lime High in fiber and Vitamin C, and helps to rejuvenates skin. Estimations: 1 lime is around 5 grams of carbohydrates.

Raspberries Contains powerful antioxidants that help to reduce blood pressure and is rich in Vitamin C. Estimations: 1/4 cup is around 1.5 grams of net carbohydrates.

Blueberries Rich in antioxidant and helps to maintain healthy bones. But, Acai Berries contains at least 3 times the amount blueberries holds. Estimations: 1/2 cup is around 8 to 11 net carbs.

Coconut Contain healthy fatty acids that provide quick energy to the body, however, it has to be unsweetened. Estimations: 1/2 cup of shredded coconut is around 2.5 grams of carbs. Superstar Keto-Friendly Fruits

a box of gratefood acai unsweetened on a bed of avocados

They are superstars because they epitomise the Keto Diet with low-almost zero in sugar and intense with healthy fats!

Avocado Fats is a macronutrient you’ll hardly find in fruits hence the most well known fatty fruit to mind is always Avocado, made popular with the rise of guacamole and the like. Incredibly high in fat content and nutritious as a source of dietary fiber.

Acai Acai is a well known fruit with the popularity of Acai bowls around the world but what’s unknown to most is that apart from its famous friendly foe Avocado, Acai actually contains almost as much healthy omegas gram for gram, not to mention Acai is known to be one of the highest antioxidant super fruit in the world. Acai epitomises the Keto diet with zero sugar, rich in healthy omegas and not to mention its intense antioxidant to boost our health, immunity and post workout recovery. However do take note that many Acai and Acai bowls in the market could be sweetened with sugars and other sweeteners so take note to always look for Organic Unsweetened Acai Pulp. Click here if you like to understand to know more about Acai Berries and it’s origins from the Amazon forest.

Combining the 2 kings (Acai and Avocado) together, they make one of the healthiest fat bombs ever in a bowl perfect for Keto and the most energy and nutrients dense meal perfect for the practice of One Meal A Day.

Here’s the recipe for the Keto Fat Bomb Acai Bowl. Conclusion

Today we covered what fruits are Keto-Friendly and how we can incorporate it into our diet.

Keto-friendly fruits can provide a great plant-based fat options and good variety and nutritional benefits to your Keto Diet. One can’t be eating bacon, lard and animal fats all the time yeah? Happy Keto-ing!

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