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Top 6 Local Granola brands

One of our favourite essentials to a bowl of healthy and delicious Acai bowl is spoonfuls of crunchy granola and our friends and customers often ask us for recommendations on where to buy good quality all natural granola in Singapore, so we thought to share with you some of our favourite local granola brands.

Yes, you can easily find granola at your nearby NTUC. But rather than buying imported brands sold in bulk commercially and sit on shelves for months, why not buy from local brands that use high-quality ingredients and ensures your granola are as fresh as possible! It’s also great to support local brands and community too #supportlocal In no particular order

1. The Spatula and the pen

With an endless passion for cooking , Ng Li Tying personally tweaked every recipe over and over to perfect them. Now, she is well-known for her baked goods that not only looks good but also taste good. Bring your acai bowls to the next level with an indulgent blend of flavours such as her sea-salt pistachio popcorn granola (personal favourite of ours), and Cocoa cinnamon crunch granola. Both mixes contain lots of nutritious goodness with the inclusion of multi-grain puffs, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds etc, which help to supply you with a good amount of protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Ng Li Tying doesn’t cut any corners for a fresh-out-of-the-oven taste every time. Available in 250g or 500g pack size, it's enough to last you at least a week.

Check out her shop: The spatula and the pen for more details on their granola or peruse other tasty bakes comprising of cookies, cakes and truffles. 2. The Nut Baker

Yummy , handmade, with lots of love.

The nut baker

Their mission is all about wholesome and delicious bakes that are also less sweet so you can have them regularly as an energizing breakfast. Made from scratch and using hand-selected ingredients with no preservatives or colourings, The Nut Baker takes pride in their natural food made by hand, not machines.

Their granola mixes are nutritional powerhouses providing energy, plant protein, gut-loving fibre and essential nutrients. With a wide variety of flavour profiles ranging from their classic low-carb granola to innovative ones like vanilla & pretzel granola, there is one for every palate.

We especially love the blend of large, crunchy pieces as well as smaller flakes of oats to make for a superb crunch!

Made in small batches upon order - freshness and crispiness guaranteed, go nuts on their shop here and flourish your acai bowls with taste and nutrition in just a few seconds.

They also create exclusive uniquely-flavoured granola for a limited time only so do keep an eye out on their instagram page for notifications on their next drop:)

3. Dear Born

Dear born is a hand crafted, small batch breakfast food brand that is proudly made in Singapore. Focused on quality, Dearborn places great emphasis on sourcing the best ingredients, prioritising provenance and responsible practices.

Every week, they refresh their granola menu with delectable flavour mixes that can satisfy both your sweet and savoury cravings. Using 100% plant based ingredients and Grade A Maple Syrup, it an inclusive option for most dietary restrictions including vegetarians and vegans. Some of our personal favourites are matcha, Pecan and White Chocolate or Strawberry Macadamia which goes really well with our Chocolate Reishi Sorbet.

Cafe: 1 Everton Park #01-29 Singapore 081001

( bring your own container if you opt for walk-in and get a discount - $2 off 500g or $1 off 260g of their crowd favourite flavours, Dark Chocolate or Hazelnut & Sea Salt.)

4. Revive


Revive is committed to handcrafting every bag of their granola in small batches using only the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from trusted local suppliers. This ensures that each bag is bursting with flavor and retains its quality and freshness.

For the adventurous ones, we recommend their earl grey, macadamia & puff rice which was wonderfully flavorful, and the extra sweetness, along with a satisfying crunch thanks to the macadamia nuts and almonds dipped in maple , makes it a perfect candidate for mixing into sorbets, yoghurts and acai. (Or simply grab a handful straight from the bag, it's equally delicious!)

Your go-to destination to revive your diet, browse their granola offerings here and learn more about the ingredients they use.

5. All things delicious

All things delicious offer a slew of iconic comfort foods that have earned them their reputation today. So you can rest assured that their house blend granola is the real deal.

Packed with all the good things such as whole grain oats, seeds, nuts, coconuts, and raisins—handmade fresh in their bakery-café at the heart of Kampung Glam. This special mix provides you with a burst of nourishing energy and is a really easy way to include healthy fats in your diet while keeping the munchies at bay. We're a big fan of pairing it with our Acai Guarana for an extra-crunchy, refreshing dessert.

Treat yourself to something good here. As the name suggests, it's guaranteed to be nothing short of delicious!

Cafe: 34 Arab St, #01-01, Singapore 199733

6. The Good Boys Cafe

The Good Boys Cafe are known for their freshly made superbowls and salads, but a hidden gem on their menu is their freshly baked granola offerings.

If your looking to customize your own hearty granola mix, TGBC has got you covered with the myriad of tasty mix-in options including different seeds, nuts ,dried fruits and super powders. These combined with their specialty Granola Sauce Blend makes for a textural wonderland. Expect granolas to be perfectly toasted to a golden brown crispness, making it a great topping for ice cream, or with some nice, thick Greek yogurt and call it dessert.

Such a hassle-free way to boost energy and get your nutrition in.

Get your fill here and thank us later! ( P.S. Found under TGB Merchandise)

Cafe spots:


  • #01-02, 20 COLLYER QUAY RAFFLES PLACE, S049319


Here you got it, the top 6 local granola brands for you to try out. Acai goes great with almost any granola flavour of your choice, Be it sweet or savoury, the combination is heaven in a breakfast bowl! . You can also get creative in the kitchen and see how else you can use granola, we'll be happy to see what creations you can whip up so be sure to tag us in your Insta-worthy food pics! Gratefood Co recommends switching it up here and there with our Acerola Cherry pulps, packed with vitamin C and Spirulina, the best protein.

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